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The Wool-gatherer is the pseudonym of Hugh Parry. I have taught literature courses in adult education for around 30 years. A few of my victims have been with me for much, or even all, of that time. Leaving aside the personal pleasure of this, a professional advantage is that I have always needed to look … Continue reading Welcome to the blog!


OUTLINED EPITAPH 4A Russian has three and a half red eyesfive flamin antennasdrags a beet coloured ball an chainan’ wants t slip germsinto my coke machine“burn the tree stumps at the border”shout the sex hungry lunaticsout warmongerin in the early mornin“poison the sky so the planes wont come”yell the birch coloured knights withpatriotic shields“an murder … Continue reading Z IS FOR:


IMPRESSION DU MATINThe Thames nocturne of blue and goldChanged to a Harmony in grey:A barge with ochre-coloured hayDropt from the wharf: and chill and coldThe yellow fog came creeping downThe bridges, till the houses’ wallsSeemed changed to shadows and St Paul’sLoomed like a bubble o’er the town.Then suddenly arose the clangOf waking life; the streets … Continue reading W IS FOR:


PETSAn indoor elephantSeems irrelevant.Keeping a seagullIs not legal.ArmadillosNest in pillows.Hungry llamasEat pyjamas.Hippo and rhinoDamage the lino.Crocodiles stayIn the bath all day.Women are flusteredIf a large bustard,Eagle or lionWatches them iron.Such birds as grouseFlap through the houseAnd polar bearsBlock up the stairs.Sheep are loafersOn chairs and sofasAnd few sane menCan love a hen.Most people thereforePrefer to … Continue reading T IS FOR:


O how my disappointed soul’s perplex’d!How restless thoughts swarm in my troubled breast!How vainly pleas’d with hopes, then crossly vex’dWith fears! and how betwixt them both distress’d!What place is left unransack’d? Oh, where nextShall I go seek the author of my rest?Of what bless’d angel shall my lips enquireThe undiscover’d way to that entireAnd everlasting … Continue reading Q IS FOR:


ODE ON CELESTIAL MUSIC It’s not celestial music, it’s the girl in the bathroom singing.You can tell. Although it’s winterthe trees outside her window have grown leaves,all manner of flowers push up through the floorboards.I think – ‘what a filthy trick that is to play on me’ –I snip them with my scissors shouting‘I want … Continue reading P IS FOR: